Because your life shouldn't be limited to one device.



With re2you, you can drag and drop content from any device to any other device, without needing to up- or download.

That means all your devices are united in one connected ecosystem. Different operating systems? Incompatible hardware? Connect them all, securely over the cloud, with re2you.

100% connectivity 
100% mobility
100% smart city

We harmonize defragmented hardware landscapes into a compatible software ecosystem. *Whitelabel 

From your smart watch to the connected console in your car share, re2you keeps you connected.

we create after harmonizing existing hardware infrastructure customized digital white label business models for service providers to cities and real estate owners. through our white label models and partners we can increase the revenue income tax of your smart city up to 35% during the first two years. how? talk to us!

re2you’s connected platform offers the b2b sector functionality as a service. With re2you, service providers can develop a connected strategy without facing an exclusionary operating system choice, and can ensure the security of data through a cloud-based end-to-end secure layer. re2you’s white label solution offers the easy integration of a user’s existing services into any connected vehicle, from car consoles to in-seat entertainment in planes and trains into a smart home: simply drag and drop what you need and be on your way. Because the data stays with the user, re2you offers an easy connected solution for all smart citiy scenarios. With simple upgrades over the air, re2you's easy retrofit allows smart service providers to keep up with shorter lifecycles of other connected devices.



re2you’s cloud layer integrates and streamlines the existing services corporate clients rely on to do their business. re2you enables corporates to synthesize data, integrate systems to meet incompatible needs, and access customized data in real time. Through a dynamic individualized interface, re2you is able to aggregate all the necessary information from various input sources to deliver relevant content instantaneously. If you struggle to communicate the best options to your customer while juggling multiple sources of information on the supplier side, re2you offers you completely customizable clarity and efficiency.


re2you offers deep user centricity and seamless integration in a fragmented technological landscape. Operating systems compete to chain users into their ecosystems, at the expense of the user’s freedom. Large corporations offer free services to search and surf the internet, but we pay – as we have recently come to realize – a premium in the form of our valuable private data. re2you was born when its founders felt that the time had come to enjoy the freedom and possibilities of a connected world, without the need to sacrifice one’s personal data or choose one’s devices based on OS rather than usability. re2you’s mission is to break down data silos, to return a measure of balance to the internet by focusing on user need. 


re2you’s international, Berlin-based team has a strong background in technology, marketing, and management. The company was born out of the frustrations of the founders, who experienced first-hand the limitations of technology as it affected the gaming industry, SMEs, and marketers, and they decided to use their experience coding, managing technical teams, and running global marketing campaigns to develop a better approach to increasing connectivity. 




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